Sunday, December 23, 2012

What to expect in Forex next year

Most people want to make some sort of resolutions before the year ends. They want to evaluate the previous year and make some plans for another one. It is very important to do the same thing for Forex market. You should be able to form and have your own expectations as to where this or that currency pair will go and take advantage of that knowledge. Planning is key and following the plan is essential in order to succeed in fx market. It will take some pain before you form your expectations, but as people say:”No pain, no gain”. You should follow this common folk wisdom and do your own analysis.

I have just stumbled upon a short but useful article in oanda blog regarding expectations for the next year for currencies. I decided to share it with you. Hope it will be useful for you too. Here is the link: Reviewand expectations for 2012/13. The article is short and you will finish quite fast. Do not be lazy. Read these kind of articles and learn to do this kind of analysis yourself. You will gain priceless lessons by doing that. Ok, enough for today. See you soon.