Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gbp vs Jpy, Eur vs Usd, Aud vs Usd & Aud vs Cad - Market Overview

Gbp vs Jpy (1H) - Preferably, I believed market will perform a bullish continuation trend later either to perform sub b in aqua or subwave in yellow.

Eur vs Usd (4H) - Favourably, I believed market in progress to perform either a bearish reversal trend scenario (white or magenta) or a bearish retracement trend scenario to complete subwave iv in yellow. A "Head and Shoulder" reversal pattern at 1H timeframe (naked) would bolster to this scenario.

Aud vs Usd (Daily) - At this moment, I'm looking towards a bearish reversal trend opportunity refering to the alt counts either in white or magenta. Otherwise, we may see another exausted bullish rally to complete a "double top" of wave 5 before a possible bearish reversal trend scenario.

Aud vs Cad (Daily) - Preferably, I'm looking forward for a valid "Triple Top" bearish reversal trend scenario either in white or yellow. A valid "Throw-over" pattern would bolster to this scenario. Therefore, advisable to look for a bearish reversal entry signal from BSTS later. Happy weekends and good luck.