Monday, August 16, 2010

Gbp vs Jpy, Eur vs Usd & Aud vs Usd - Market Overview

Gbp vs Jpy (1H) - At this moment, I'm looking forward market to perform further bearish continuation trend scenario to complete subwave 5 either in magenta or white. Otherwise, please be careful for any breakout towards the upper green trendline.

Eur vs Usd (4H) - At this moment, a breakout towards the upper yellow trendline would indicate that we may see a strong bullish retracement trend scenario perhaps to complete corrective wave b either in white or yellow (double top). Otherwise, if the bearish continuation critical line 1 is taken, then I believed market already in progress to complete subwave v in aqua.

Aud vs Usd (Daily) - Preferably, I believed market in progress to perform a major bearish reversal trend scenario to complete the major corrective wave C either in white or magenta. Advisable to look for any opportunity to short again from BSTS once the market perform any bullish retracement trend scenario. Good luck.