Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fx Food For Thought

Hi there,

I have been seen many ppl discussing abt EA or robots. Below is my "personal" view regarding an EA or robots in forex trading.
My advise is u can never be a successful trader if depends on EA/robot. U will stuck by learning each robot behaviour but not the "market behavior" which far most important. Many ppl try so hard to understand either robot or indicator behavior but not focusing on the market behavior. Market is always in unpredictable. There is no such thing is so called "accurate robot or accurate indicator or accurate system".

All trader trade base on their or other ppl speculations. If such "accurate robot" is exist, we shall see NO banker is bankcrupt, soros wont loss millions etc since they have more stronger margin available, resources and more expert technical or fundamental ppl behind their back. They can build a far more so called "accurate" or profitable system or robot then ppl who is try to get easy and fast money by selling their robot.

Just think,

if u really manage to setup an accurate robot which easily can generate/multiply ur money every single day/weeks/months or years, would u sell it to the public. I dont think you will do that. EA seller is a programmer. They are not a succesful forex trader. But they can be a successful EA seller.

For me, you just make the EA seller richer.

Dont get yourself scammed.