Monday, May 17, 2010


A few weeks ago, me and several of my trading colleagues got together for a night of trading during the London opening session and into the U.S morning session. Of course, this may not be a big deal to those of you who live in Europe, but for us living in the EST time zone, it is a totally different story. As traders for the last several years, we all have come to terms with this and it isn't such a big deal anymore. I think it is important to interact with those in the trading community. Whether it be in an online forum, in a local "Meet Up" group or if you are currently trading with personal friends, it helps to meet with other like minded individuals who share your vision for success. I am fortunate to have built an alliance with some successful guys. We are all at different stages in our trading. Some of us are full time traders and others are still developing their trading models and approaches, however the goals are all the same; to become the best traders we possibly can be. What is important about interaction with traders is not that we need to copy what they do or clone them, but actually find out what they are thinking, why they are thinking it and how that might be an advantage to them or us, or quite the opposite. It puts perspective on what we are doing here. It also gives an outlet to be honest with those who understand you the most...other traders. Just like the market, we all have our ups and downs. We wonder why our model isn't working in the current market conditions. We struggle with confidence issues from time to time. We need someone to bounce ideas off of or get another view of the current market sentiment. Then there are times that we just need a pat on the back for working hard, placing good trades and following our trading plan. It's all about our humanity and the need for human interaction with those who share our passion for the markets. I can say that the guys I have been fortunate enough to meet through trading and who I constantly communicate with have supported me in ways that only other traders can appreciate and have added value to my life that only I can truly appreciate. I would like to offer my thanks and although all of traders I have built relationships with are not pictured here because of geographical obstacles that kept them from attending, you know who you are and I say, "Thanks to ALL of you for being part of my team".
Pictured from left to right...Andrew D, Rodney G, Wilmont B, Andrew C, Ryan B and myself.