Monday, August 25, 2008

8-25 (8-24 Results)

It seems as though what the charts were telling me proved to be true.

EUR/USD- didn't get quite to my entry at 1.4686 but did make it very close at 1.4695
GBP/USD- Butterfly pattern did pay at the 138R area and rallied 150+ pips
USD/JPY- 110.00-110.25 seemed to be the cap so far as this pair seems to still seems to have room to fall and so far has fallen 50+ pips from the 110.00 area
USD/CHF- BBB again seems to be fulfilling on this pair falling off around 100 pips from Sundays high
AUD/USD- Another BBB pattern that is showing signs of bullishness. After pulling back between 79 and 100% of the daily range